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For all enclosed shotblasting equipment, steel abrasive (shot) is propelled at high velocity onto a rotating wheel within the machine body and then down onto the designated surface to create an infinite range of profiles. The debris is collected in the filtration unit for disposal and the shot reclaimed for continued use.
The level of profile is determined by the machine model, speed of operation and grade of steel abrasive selected.
When to select:
You would use shotblasting on any hard composition surface that does not exhibit multiple layers of materials or contaminants. It is ideal for horizontal and slightly inclined surfaces to:
    • Remove laitence on new concrete
    • Clean and expose aggregate on concrete and asphalt
    • Provide anti-slip properties on concrete, stone and tiles
    • Remove paints, adhesive and levelling compounds
    • Create adhesion for the application of a wide range of surface finishes
    • Key bridge decks and roads for surface dressing and waterproof systems
    • Prepare steel (Commercial and Swedish Standard SA3)

    Key considerations:
    Due to the nature of the operation, Shotblasting will produce a lining effect commonly know as tramlining. This can be minimised with operator experience.

    Shotblasting will highlight surface defects in the surface being prepared. This is particularly important to note when applying to old concrete.
    Shotblasting will not effectively remove soft composition screeds, sticky / bitumous materials and materials in excess of mm thickness.
    The process cannot be applied to wet or damp conditions and for optimum results, it requires a smooth even surface.
    Steel abrasive (shot) will escape from the machine when operating on uneven surfaces.
    Call 01522 561460 for advice.