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The planing/scarifying operation is based on a drum rotating at high speed enclosed within the main body of the machine. The profile (cut/texture) is created by the accessories fitted to the drum known as flails or for ride-on models, picks. Once contact is made with the surface being treated the flail configuration cuts with a downward rotary action.
When to select:
There are numerous surfaces suitable for planing. It should be selected when removing material in excess of 1mm in thickness. You would use this process to: 
  • Remove latex, screeds, adhesives, contaminants and multiple layers of old coatings
  • Reduce tamped surfaces
  • Groove and provide anti-slip properties
  • Reduce levels
  • Remove ice deposits
  • Profile concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • Remove millscale on metal surfaces
Key considerations:

The composition and thickness of the substrate, the accessories selected and the profile and depth of cut attainable from the model and type of machine selected, will determine the results achieved.
Hard compositions may create a problem for smaller planing machines as there is not enough weight to cut into the surface.
Planing creates a more profiled floor than other surface preparation techniques and may not be suitable for e.g. a final resin floor finish.
Call 01522 561460 for advice.