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Grinding & Polishing

The diamond grinding and polishing process is provided by metal bonded or resin bonded plates which are secured to singular or multiple heads and rotate in a circular motion. There are numerous plates from which to select the correct combination for smoothing, preparing, polishing or cleaning applications.
When to select:
There are machines designed for wet or dry operation and to tackle a wide variety of applications from fast grinding on uneven or tough surfaces to producing highly polished finishes.
You would select grinding to: 
  • Smooth and clean concrete, asphalt, stone and terrazzo and for the application of specialist materials.
  • Remove paint and coatings, adhesives, latex and levelling compounds.
  • Polish terrazzo, granite, marble and concrete surfaces

Key considerations:
Grinding an uneven surface will skim across the high profile and not touch the lower ones unless the surface is reduced to the lowest composition first.

Certain types of machines may exhibit a swirling effect on the surface
You must always consider the composition of the substrate when selecting the type of diamond to use - as a general rule the harder the surface the softer the diamond.
Sticky compositions will be re-dispersed rather than removed and will potentially clog up the machine, if the correct diamonds are not selected. PCD's are specifically designed to lift this problem material. 

The profile requirement for the material being applied must be considered. 
Call 01522 561460 for advice.