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Storm Diamond Pads

For Cleaning and Maintaining Floors

Storm Diamond Pads offer a cost effective, eco friendly, sustainable solution for cleaning & maintaining polished floors. They produce optimum results on resin floor surfaces, epoxy, terrazzo, marble, natural stone, polished concrete, vinyl and linoleum.
  manufactured with up to 33% more diamond content than competitor brands, resulting in greater metre coverage per hour. Quicker, more effective results.
33% more diamond 
  they are double sided so when one side is worn, you simply flip it over. This gives double the life span and therefore productivity, offering exceptional value for money.
Double sided
  clean and polish with no harsh chemicals. You don't need to purchase harmful cleaning fluids, just place the pad under your machine, add water (optional) and away you go.
Chemical free
Storm Diamond pads offer a more cost effective option compared with other brands. As a guide, each pad will cover up to 60,000m2 in total before it will need to be changed - they often last even longer.

They are available in three sizes: 12', 17' and 20' and in 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 grades and are designed for use with all makes of rotary cleaning and burnishing machines, the STG400 and the STG450.