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PCD Grinding Plate

For Removing Adhesives and Soft Compounds

The PCD Grinding plate is unique to the market and a revolution in the removal of adhesives and rubberised and soft, thick compounds from concrete and other hard subfloors.

Unlike the grinding process, the PCD plate doesn't generate surface heat which has historically compounded the problem by making the material even softer and stickier.
      No special tools are required. Simple to use, the plate simply twists into place.

      PCD shoes are removable to enable you to alter the point load to suit different surfaces.
     the shoes scrape rather than grind. They remove soft materials without generating surface heat.
     The cutting edges remain clear. No frequent stops to unclog the disc.

     The PCD Plate is long lasting, innovative and works!

Designed specifically to fit the STG450, the PCD Grinding Plate adds another operation to this multi-functional machine.