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Surface Finishing Diamond Pads (SFD's)

For Refurbishing & Cleaning Floors

Multi–functional SFDs (Surface Finishing Diamond Pads) are designed for floor refurbishment and cleaning, producing a high gloss finish on resin, concrete, ceramic tiles, granite, marble and terrazzo.
They are environmentally friendly and simple to use.  
•      most durable pads on the market as uniquely, the resin diamond dots are bonded onto the pads. It is the dots that do the work.
•     they offer a highly efficient floor cleaning solution. They achieve results, fast.
•     they grind, key, sand and polish with no clogging. No interruptions to the operation.

•     process is achieved without harsh chemicals, cleaners, waxes or polishes. You don't need to purchase harmful cleaning fluids, just add water (optional) and away you go.
SFD's are available in a range of grades from 100 to 3000 grit, the selection depending on the condition and type of surface, and are designed for use with the STG400, STG450 and most other surface texturing, auto scrubbing and polishing machines. No fixings are required, simply place under the machine.