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Hand Tools accessories & consumables

For  9'' and 5'' Hand Grinders:
Turbo grinding discs
Turbo Grinding Discs
For general purpose grinding / smoothing.
PCD discs
PCD Discs
6 and 18 piece. For removing adhesive and soft thick materials.
Resin bonded discs
Resin Bonded Discs 50-3000 grit. For polishing with 5'' Variable Wet Polisher.
Velcro Backing Pad
To attach Resin Bonded Discs to tool.

Standard. Also available in premium.
Metal dust shroud
Metal Dust Shroud
For 9'' only. Heavy duty, easy fit.
Dust shroud
Dust Shroud
For attachment to vacuum, 9'' and 5'' models.

Disc Cutting Shield
For floor saw
For Mechanical Breaker and Tile Lifter:
Tile Lifter Blade
For lifting vinyl & carpet tiles.

Chisel Blade
For breaking out concrete, asphalt & stone. Available in 25mm,50mm,75mm
For breaking out concrete, asphalt & stone.

We also offer a wide range of interchangeable diamond, tungsten and resin bonded discs to fit all makes of hand grinders, chisels and points for breakers and dust control accessories. Call us for advice.