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Accessories & Consumables


We offer a wide range of high quality, durable accessories for our own brand and competitor machines. 

We hold large stock levels of key accessories, consumables and wearable parts available for same day despatch, for:
  • Shotblasters - abrasives, tuning kits, liners, seals
  • Grinding & Polishing machines - diamonds, pcd's, polishing discs
  • STG450/STR - drive plates, discs, cleaning pads
  • Planers - drums, flails
  • Multi-stripping machines - blades, picks
  • Industrial Vacuums - hose, connectors, wands, hepa filters
  • Hand tools - discs, pcd's, blades, dust shrouds
  • Mixers - paddles, heavy duty buckets  
View our Equipment & Accessories Guide for a list of our key accessories.
Our personnel are experienced and trained to give our customers the best technical assistance and advice.
If you need a part or accessory not listed on our website please call 
+44 (0) 1522 561460 or contact us.