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Liberator 200 Planer - Petrol

The Liberator 200 Petrol Planing / Scarifying Machine gives the contractor an alternative power choice and the flexibility to use where a source of electricity is not available or where trailing cables might be an issue. It is ideally suited to outdoor projects.
This machine is easy to operate with simple controls and for its small size, has a powerful 5.5hp engine. Constructed from 6mm steel for long life and durability.
Supplied complete with instant quick 'lift off' TCT (Tungsten Carbide Cutters) drum. 

Side view
Changing the drum
Technical Data
Liberator 200 Petrol
H 980mm x  L 1200mm x W 360mm
Working Width
Hand-Arm Vibration
5.6m/s2 r.m.s.
up to 6 hours