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New STG 400 - June 16

The Preparation Group, specialists in surface preparation, removal and finishing, has added a new machine to the STG range, the STG400. A lighter version of the STG450, the 400 is designed for chemical free, STG400 deep restorative cleaning and polishing of hard surfaces that have become scratched, stained and contaminated. It refurbishes floors and is even effective at light grinding.  
The STG400 offers the perfect combination of long life motor, weight and speed. A real multi-tasker, it will polish hard surfaces to a high shine finish as well as removing; laitance, paint, light surface contaminants and thin coatings.  
Highly portable yet robust, the STG400 features a simple lever operation and ergonomic handle for safe and comfortable operation. There is an optional suction ring to minimise dust pollution.  
The STG400 is easily adapted for multi-functional use and to undertake different operations in a restricted timetable by interchanging accessories and plates. Accessories require no fitting, simply place under the drive plate and you're ready to start working.