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About Us


The key
to creating a perfect, durable floor is in the preparation and we are surface preparation experts.

PPC Vehicle
Founded in 1991 by Managing Director Tracey Glew, The Preparation Group began life as a Surface Preparation Contractor; removing, preparing, polishing and cleaning a multitude of surfaces across a wide range of sectors.
We built a reputation for providing high levels of service and tailoring solutions for every project.
In 1997, and with the vast experience and knowledge gained from our contracting operations, we decided to market our own range of Shotblasting, Planing, Multi-stripping and Grinding machines. We already had an enviable insight into customers' expectations and we understood the importance of reliability and performance of equipment to satisfy our clients' fast track programs.
In 2006 we opened our £350k purpose built Training Centre enabling us to  demonstrate our range of equipment, to deliver our surface preparation courses and to host FeRFA's 'to prepare and profile' training modules. Our facility is also used to showcase manufacturers flooring materials.
Today, we continue to develop and manufacture equipment, embracing and incorporating new technology into our designs and we source the knowledge and expertise of renowned worldwide surface preparation experts to work in partnership with. Everything we market is tested, and if necessary refined by our engineers and operatives.

We have remained true to our principles, aims and values and have continued to be forwarded thinking, investing in the expertise of our personnel and forging close working relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.